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Xander Mortgage & Real Estate Inc. has been serving the homebuyer and refinancing industry since 2018. Xander Mortgage loans are customized to the needs of our customers and are competitive in every area. Our financing covers many individual property types, including commercial, residential, and vacation properties.

Words From Our Clients

Pindarupinder7 5/16/2020

Thanks to Xander Mortgage, I am able to do real estate and loans from the same Company. Saving me time and money and providing me with the best services out there!

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Sukhpaldeol13 1/30/2020

I came to xander mortgage for the first time today and was immediately helped by mohan cheema and his team. he has already made this process very smooth.

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Jassmalhi88 7/21/2018

I was worried not being able to get financed because I didn’t have best credit but, Mohan reassured me and talked to me about the financing process and what steps would need to be taken to get the application completed and get finance. I highly recommend Mohan to all my friends and family.

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